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Still with us -- Re: Bug#684265: (installation-reports: yaboot.conf missing existing root partitions -- sources.list still has deb cdrom from installation)

I just downloaded and burned the PowerPC Netinst CD and did an install with it.
    Daily build #3 for powerpc, using installer build from sid
    This build finished at Fri Aug 17 09:39:24 UTC 2012.

The first problem noted in bug#684265 is still there -- the installer still does not put the existing root partitions into the generated yaboot.conf.

When I installed os-prober and ran it on the installed system, it found and listed the existing root partitions, as expected. So the problem is in the installer, not os-prober...

The other problem noted in bug#684265 -- The installer was not commenting out the "deb cdrom" line for the installer CD -- has apparently gone away.

Attached is a (hopefully) relevant extract from the installation syslog file.



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