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Re: ATLAS on PowerPC

The easy answer to this query is: How many used Macs are/will be coming on the 
market?  That's where the numbers will be.

I have a Mac G4-350MHz, and with lenny was able to get 760Mflops from the 
BLAS/ATLAS libs via AltiVec.  Squeeze appears to run well, though the GAMESS 
molecular modeling program has some SIGILL issue (may well be my own oversight 
- still testing.)

Also I recently purchased a (used) G5-2.3GHz-2Core.  Probably MANY of these 
units will be coming on the market as leases expire, etc.  An earlier post 
appears to be completely correct: Debian on the 64-bit architecture does not 
seem to be well supported.  The unix-ish part of the machine seems to run 
quite well (and FAST!), but high-order features - mainly nouveau - are nowhere 
near working, so I have to ssh into it and run exclusively via command line.  
Alas, most of these G5 Macs have the GeForce 6600 card, and may be condemned 
to inadequate nouveau support -or- purchase of a non-nVidia graphics card.

Dr. David Adcock
Lone Star Biotechnologies

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