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Re: Video problems: 6.0.5(64-bit) - G5 - nouveau

On Thu, 7 Jun 2012 18:27:13 -0500
David Adcock <david.adcock@lonestarbio.com> wrote:
> Installed (64-bit) Squeeze on a G5 Tower (2.3, dual core, GeForce
> 6600).  Installation had no issues.
> Bootup of the system runs well until X starts.  Then I get *EXACTLY*
> this following message:
>       driver version.  Please carefully read all instructions on
> (which is repeated one time after a few blank lines.)  Following
> that, the login splash screen comes up, but only the rightmost 1/4 of
> the screen is visible, and this part does not reach the top of the
> screen; the rest of the screen is dark.
> I think maybe if I knew *WHICH* driver, or *WHERE* to look, this
> could be easy to remediate.  nouveau?  xserver?  something else?


I have the same machine running Debian Squeeze. Not sure if I can help
you, but just a simple remark. The Goforce Card has two connection. Be
sure to use the first one (with the second I got a similar problem, if
I remember correctly)


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