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Helping with PPC64 port: missing coreutils in sid

Hi, folks.

I would like to start contributing to the PPC64 port, since I have
access to some machines.

When trying to debootstrap from debian-ports, I find that the sid
Packages file has coreutils (and maybe all other packages in
unreleased?) missing. unreleased, on the other hand, does not have
util-linux or mount. So, I can't really use debootstrap from

I see that the coreutils in the unreleased dist comes from Yamamoto, who
also has a repo. His package has an additional changelog entry, with
unreleased as the dist, so that may explain why it has gone into the
unreleased dist Packages, instead of sid/unstable.

What is the procedure here in pushing packages into the unstable dist?
And why do we have any changes in coreutils at all?


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