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RE: Can't read or boot from Squeeze 6.0.4 [ppc] disk 1 on Original iMac

I do believe I specified in my initial message that I burnt it to a CD-R … so that can't be the issue.

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On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 10:12:18AM -0700, John Wesley Cooper wrote:
> One of the first things I tried was the little "Press C at the chime" trick … at which point the drive repeatedly tried to read the disk for a minute or so, then booted into Mac OS with no  other visible or audible output.  I then ejected and re-inserted the disk tray, an was given a "Mac OS cannot read this disk" message after a few moments.  I then tried a disk containing some printer drivers for Mac OS to see if there was an issue with the drive itself, but that read without issue or complaint.  Once again, the disk I burnt is reading just fine on other machines, so that's clearly not where the problem lies … could it be that it doesn't recognize the disk image's format?  If so, I'm going to have to flash the bios, aren't I?

Is it a CD or a DVD?

If it is a DVD, how big is the image you burned to the disc?  Remember
DVD's must have at least 1GB on them to be official DVDs and some drives
won't read them if you burn less than that.  growisofs has a -dvd-compat
option to ensure at least 1GB is burned no matter what the image size was
(handy when all you have around is DVD-R and you want a debian netinstall
image that is only 200MB.)

Len Sorensen

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