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Re: Fwd: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro blacks out, unrecoverable

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 12:52:21AM GMT, Kristen R wrote:
> I had installed some power management software seeking the ability to
> hibernate or suspend this box when inactive. I like those feature found
> on OS X 10.5 and use them. As it is under Debian when I click the log
> out icon on the Xfce panel I can either: Log Out, Restart, or Shut Down.
> The Suspend and Hibernate choices have no effect. The settings I chose
> in the power management settings fail to suspend the monitor or computer
> after a period of inactivity. The only way I see to minimize this box's
> electrical usage when inactive is to turn it off.
> I have removed the apmd, and apcid package installations. I also removed
> any packages which seemed to me to try and control fan speeds, cpu
> speeds, and lm sensors as well. Since the PPC doesn't incorporate any of
> these I am aware of.

My iBook does support suspend to RAM, it also supports processor power
scaling. These aren't done through ACPI or APM of course.

Look at pm-utils for suspend. I can't remember whether it was
cpufrequtils which was responsible for CPU scaling.

I'm sure there are some utils which you can use.


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