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Re: Installing from an usb stick (liveusb) on iMac G4

2012/2/20, e20100633 <e20100633@gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I'm planning to install Debian on my iMac PowerPC G4. I already
> installed it years ago on an iBook G4 so I know the process. But my
> question is about booting and installing it from an usb stick instead of
> a cd-rom or tftp.
> I didn't found anything about booting from an usb stick in the
> documentation, but around the web I found that it might be possible
> through alt-cmd-o-f.
> So my plan is :
> * make a "liveusb" of debian-powerpc netinstall with unetbootin
> * reboot and alt-cmd-o-f
> * find the usb stick and try to boot it according to what I found
>   (dev / ls ; devalias ; boot usb1/disk@1:2,\\:tbxi for example)
> * getting this way the boot: prompt
> * install as usual
> Has anyone already tried that? Is that a good way according to you?
Sounds reasonable, or at least possible. I've been doing something
similar. If I remember correctly...

I defined 'devalias usb /pci@f2000000/usb@19/disk@1' and then booted
with 'boot usb:,\\:tbxi'. The idea was probably to be able to use the
same stick on several machines, as the OF path for the USB stick
varies. In any case, ofboot.b has to be patched to contain 'boot
usb:2,\install\yaboot'. Or, you could boot yaboot directly with this

My iMac G4/800 has USB 1.1, which makes the boot process quite slow.


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