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Installing from an usb stick (liveusb) on iMac G4


I'm planning to install Debian on my iMac PowerPC G4. I already
installed it years ago on an iBook G4 so I know the process. But my
question is about booting and installing it from an usb stick instead of
a cd-rom or tftp.

I didn't found anything about booting from an usb stick in the
documentation, but around the web I found that it might be possible
through alt-cmd-o-f.

So my plan is :

* make a "liveusb" of debian-powerpc netinstall with unetbootin
* reboot and alt-cmd-o-f
* find the usb stick and try to boot it according to what I found
  (dev / ls ; devalias ; boot usb1/disk@1:2,\\:tbxi for example)
* getting this way the boot: prompt
* install as usual

Has anyone already tried that? Is that a good way according to you?


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