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Re: Help to test libsdl1.2 bug #361826 on powerpc?

Hi Lennart,

2012/2/17 Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca>:
> I don't have video on any powerpc machine, but I ran with ssh -X
> user@powerpc machine, and ran the testoverlay and testoverlay2 programs.
> I got no errors from either and they appeared to do something interesting.
> So if the issue is displaying on a powerpc X server, then I have no way
> to test that, but if it is just running on an powerpc machine then it
> appears fine.
> I tested with libsdl1.2-1.2.15/test, but I can use another version
> if desired.

Thank you so much for the quick help!

1.2.15 is fine, I wanted to confirm if this old bug was still present
or fixed.  I don't have interest in testing other versions of SDL in
principle.  BTW, maybe you can attach the files (code + makefile) to
allow other people to test more easily?

Other than that, what I understand from the original reporter is that
the problem is precisely the interaction between SDL and the local X
server, maybe it was an issue with the GPU so it would be difficult to
reproduce.  If other people can test with a local X display on PowerPC
please do -- at least so it can be determined whether it works in some
machines, to rule out if it's a general problem of powerpc or not.


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