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Re: graphics card for PowerPC G5 and debian-6.0.3-ppc


Michel Dänzer wrote:
> For Radeons, that's only true for older cards without ATOM BIOS,
> basically anything older than Radeon X1xxx. So this shouldn't be a
> problem for a Radeon HD 5450, but there might be other issues, e.g. the
> drivers in the stable release might be too old to properly support that
> card.

Just for fun, I am trying to use a standard PC, PCIe Radeon HD 5450
with my Quad G5, under testing (tested with kernel 3.1, not yet -but
soon- 3.2). And, according to dmesg, the card is correctly
initialized, but doesn't work (no image displayed), and xorg fails
completely. One of the issue is that the driver doesn't seem to detect
any monitor even when a new one is plugged in (cold boot or hot
plugged doesn't make a difference AFAIKS).

If you have a suggestion, you are welcome.


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