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Re: SuperDrive Door?

Yeah, for some reason it doesn't work quite right by default, I don't
know why. However, with your desktop environment's keyboard-shortcut
manager, you can simply reassign the eject button to run eject -T
which will give you the proper functionality. It won't display the
little notification popup, but it shouldn't be too hard to notice
whether the drive door is open or closed ;)

On 10/5/11, David Lowe <doctorjlowe@verizon.net> wrote:
> 	Okeh, i got Squeeze running on my PowerMac G5.  My next stumbling block is
> optical discs.  Specifically, when i go to install some package that is on
> the original DVD [say, 'build-essential'] Synaptic tells me to insert the
> disc.  I press the button on my keyboard to open the drive door, a widget
> appears on the screen presumably informing me that door is to be opened, but
> nothing else happens.  I guess for now i will have to boot into OSX to
> change discs...
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