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Re: Video Problem?

Bouncing this back to the list, and bottom-posting to boot.

On 21 Sep, 2011, at 12:24 PM, John Ames wrote:

> Does it have more than one display connector? I recall that Squeeze on
> my older G5 set up X to use the alternate connector on the Radeon 9600
> it had...I was scratching my head for way too long over that one.
> On 9/21/11, David Lowe <doctorjlowe@verizon.net> wrote:
>> 	I recently put on a PowerMac G5.  The install seemed to go well,
>> but the reboot on this machine gives me just a blank screen.  I get normal
>> video from yaboot, and normal video from OSX, but nothing from Squeeze.  In
>> fact, the monitor tells me it's not even seeing any input at this stage.
>> This is far out of my experience that i don't even know what keywords to
>> search for on the web.  Can i get some hints to help troubleshoot this
>> issue?  The video card for the machine in question is an NVIDIA GeForce
>> FX5200

	[A light bulb goes off over my head.]  Yeah, the GPU has both ADC and DVI outputs.  Being as i don't have an ADC cable, i'm plugged into the DVI out.  What specifically do i need to edit to fix this?

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