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Re: AW: AW: Source repositories for powerpcspe port

>> David Kuehling wrote:
>> >> We're using the 'debparanoia' mirroring tool to get a powerpcspe
>> >> mirror with full set of corresponding source packages (omitting any
>> >> binary packages for which we can't find the source):
>> >> 
>> >> https://sourceforge.net/projects/debparanoia/develop
>> >> 
>> >> This script uses snapshot.debian.org as fallback and a number of
>> >> other heuristics to find the sources.
>> >> 
>> > Do i require some login to access debparanoia at sourceforge.net? 
>> > When searching for any files or download i only find "This project has
>> > no files."  If possible please provide me access to your mirroring
>> > script.
>> Just check out the code via SVN as explained on the site I linked to.
>> David

> OK, finding my eyes openend up i could download debparanoia 
> from http://debparanoia.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/debparanoia/trunk/ via WEB directly.
> Unfortunately it fails with "*E* Listing of package-files failed"
> after mirroring about 7GB of archive files - debmirror gave me about
> 34GB.

The example config file applies a package filter to not mirror every
package of debian.  change pkgfilter to return 0 at the top to not
filter out any packages.
> On another call to debmirror (target directory containing my old
> powerpcspe archive) i got some more error messages complaining about
> running out of open files; maybe it's a memory issue? I used a
> (somewhat old) x86 debian squeeze machine.

Ok, this starts to get a little off-topic to the debian-ppc list.  Maybe
we should move this discussion over to the debparanoia-discuss at
sourceforge? Creation of the list was just queued, it will take 6-24
hours until it is available (and until this link starts to work):


I might be able to help you if I can see a full log of your debparanoia
invokation (i.e.: debparanoia ... 2>&1 | tee logfile )

Please post the log (gzipped) to the list and/or file it with the
sourceforge bug tracker:


Never saw this problem with debparanoia on Ubuntu 10.04 nor 10.10.  Also
note how the SF page says debparanoia "alpha" :)


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