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Re: Source repositories for powerpcspe port

> Wachholz, Ruediger wrote:
> So where can i access the source repositories used to build the powerpcspe
> port?

>   apt-get source $package

It's a little bit more difficult than that, unfortunately :(.  The
source-packages in http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian may have different
versions from the binary packages in

We're using the 'debparanoia' mirroring tool to get a powerpcspe mirror
with full set of corresponding source packages (omitting any binary
packages for which we can't find the source):


This script uses snapshot.debian.org as fallback and a number of other
heuristics to find the sources.

Not sure whether the created mirrors are 100% apt compatible, but at
least they work with 'multistrap'.  For more information have a look at
the accompanying readme file.


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