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Re: binutils: strip produces unusable binary

Hi Camm et al,

Camm Maguire wrote:

> Briefly, I can reproducibly produce a gcl image on ppc which when
> stripped cannot correctly build a working maxima.  Leaving the binary
> unstripped produces a working maxima. 
> Greetings!  Just a followup -- acl2 2.9 has just apparently crossed
> some size threshhold causing this bug to manifest itself here as
> well.  

Sorry for the long silence.  It looks like acl2, axiom, and maxima
all ran into this problem a little more than 5 years ago.

To move this forward:

 - does it still happen today with binutils from sid or experimental?
 - if so, could you try

	git clone git://sources.redhat.com/git/binutils.git
	cd binutils
	./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/binutils; # or whereever
	make install


	cp -o big-binary.stripped big-binary

   to see if the latest upstream version has the same problem?
 - if so, could you file a report at http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/
   and send us the bug number?

Alternatively, I'd be happy to look into this given access to a
powerpc machine to test on.  Here's an ssh key just generated for that

 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDaRMUwz3pLuxll/6KoUWocUddB49ug9FKtE+zHKGEjfYQTwNN2MXi5bjWc97Ze35cpJ8dF4HLc+Uo6UnJrk1srilTfGQP+G/AoPcLHyJny4k2Ut0bej5tauKy7BWe0RdvE8NUmGizwHPJu4KVWeCoeHsNOnvUUZlho+EwtkIrztLst4+6D0by3+dra/1akxHD5Lb5Uf9jGRY3nDtyz1mGAK1/RIuPuhx4G+2oE4ZAsczPOZRFnw2cLuhhU5ei3t3tPlqAr5d+kdW9yGpC/ZnH19bYRkNui4pgDZ1/rKWa5hosS8p7UzV1uwlsPFcgYTnTQvz+Vz5Qftm1rFMoC4cD7 jrnieder@elie

Hope that helps,

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