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Re: Can I install debian on a e300 board?

Thanks for your answer but it seems like no effect.
I tried to compile a "hello world" application with powerpc-linux-gnu-* toolchain and copy it to target board. This application can run correctly. So I think PowerPC architecture of Debian should run on my board. The error maybe caused by the kernel configuration.

According to a very early post of mine, someone said e300 core can run Debian-PowerPC port(http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2010/09/msg00054.html). I think there are much be some way to install debian on my MPC8313E -RDB board. Maybe the default installer cannot work? Or I have to install Debian manually?


On 100/6/3 下午 08:28, Luis Henriques wrote:

Lingfeng Xiong<xionglingfeng@gmail.com>  writes:

hi there.
I got a MPC8313E-RDBB board from Freescale some days before. For I am a newbie
on PowerPC, I wanna know which toolchain should I use to compile software on
this board? And can I run debian on this board? If I can, how to install debian
on SD card and let u-boot load it?

I have no idea if it is possible to achieve what you're trying to do --
I have installed debian on desktop ppc systems only, never on embedded

Anyway, one thing you can try to debug the issue is to add "earlyprintk"
to your kernel command line parameters (in u-boot, of course).  This
should provide you with some early messages from the kernel assumming,
of course, that the kernel actually starts execution.

Just my 2 cents...

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