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OS X unbootable after Squeeze/Sid installation on Powerbook5,6

Dear list,

I guess I must have done something utterly stupid, although it escapes
me when. I can no longer boot OS X. When I press "x" I see gray apple
for a moment but then it is quickly replaced by a slashed circle and
all I can do is take out battery and reboot. Before installing Squeeze
and upgrading to Sid I had Lenny installed and OS X was booting fine.
During installation I did not format the Mac partition and I can still
mount it fine. Also I did not touch Apple Partition Map and Apple
Bootstrap partitions and I can see they are where they used to be when
I do "fdisk /dev/hda". I don't know when I could have screwed things
up as I was very careful not to write to any Mac OS partitions during
install. I write Squeeze/Sid installation, as I haven't verified if I
can boot Mac OS after Squeeze installation (I use it only when I want
to use Skype), and later I upgraded Squeeze to Sid (which rendered it
unbootable in turn, but let's leave it for now).  Right now I would
like to find out if it's still possible boot my Mac OS somehow without
reinstalling everything from scratch.

Many thanks for any hints in advance



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