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Re: uswsusp update / mac mini G4

On Don, 2011-04-28 at 17:42 +0200, Mathieu Malaterre wrote: 
>   I tried rebuilding uswsusp on my squeeze (6.0.1) macminig4 box and
> it looks like this is making some progress (*) However this is still
> not working for me. Apparently the major issue with hack related to
> video driver should be gone now (**):
> ...
> The development of s2ram is not going to be continued after this
> release and whitelist entries are no longer accepted. New KMS drivers
> are able to save and restore the state of the graphic card without the
> need of user space graphics quirks. s2ram will directly suspend the
> machine if a KMS driver is in use.
> ...
>   I do not understand what this above actually means ? Do I need a
> newer linux kernel (> 2.6.32) ?

It's not relevant for PPC for various reasons which have been discussed
here before.

> Has anyone tried suspending a macminig4 ?

The kernel support needed for sleep on non-laptop PowerMacs has never
been implemented. Hibernate might work though.

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