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Re: ppc64 port gone?

Hector Oron wrote:
> You said so a while back. Is this effort happening at some public
> site, would not be best try to use debian-ports.org or similar
> infrastructure? Be careful with patches in BTS, those need to be
> properly tagged and are likely to bitrot if there is no proper
> maintainance.

I want to use the infrastructure of debian-ports.org, 
but I was refused because of lacking disk space.

> In anyway, I would be interested to (at least) keep an already
> bootstrapped ppc64-debian-chroot if someone still has a copy.

I am preparing ppc64-debian-chroot of the present sid.
I would like to open it and apply to debian-ports.org again,
when completing it
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
A75D B285 7050 4BF9 AEDA  91AC 3A10 59C6 5203 04DC

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