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Re: Debian won't boot after removal of video card

On Son, 2011-01-23 at 12:43 -0700, Patrick Boutet wrote:
> So I have Debian (Lenny) installed on a G4 Xserver cluster node (specs
> here).
> We put 2 cards in the PCI riser expansion slot, a ATI Radeon 7000 and
> a 10/100 Nic.
> Everything installed fine and was booting perfectly, we setup SSH
> tested it and it worked. So at this point we figured we could take the
> video card out as it was no longer needed since we could just ssh into
> the server. Upon removal of the video card and booting it up we found
> that it would no longer boot, it would hang very early in the boot
> process. We figured this out by turning on boot logging and found that
> it would not even create a boot log file for the times it didn't have
> a video card. So we are guessing that it is something with the boot
> loader (yaboot) and it hanging because it expects that video card to
> be in there. We tried editing our /etc/yaboot.conf file with
> several different boot arguments and updating it to the system with
> ybin. 
> novideo
> append="video=ofonly"
> append="video=radeonfb"
> Were some of the ones we tried. This was honestly a bit of shooting in
> the dark because we were really not sure if it was the boot loader,
> but it was our best guess.
> Anyway so has anyone come across this issue of PPC's not booting up
> properly after removal of a video card?

Yes, see


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