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Re: trouble netbooting debian on xserver g4 ppc cluster node

On 10/01/2011, at 4:38 PM, Patrick Boutet <pat.boutet@gmail.com> wrote:

So a friend and I are trying to install debian on an old G4 xserver cluster node (specs here). We are following this guide on the debian site http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/ch04s05.html.en

Hi Patrick
I don't have any firsthand experience with netbooting Macs, but this page has some hints and example configuration files (which you probably have already seen):

From a quick look you seem to be on the right track. Do your dhcp/tftp logs give you any hints?

Also (and i'm not sure how useful this will be) I had some problems when trying to NetBoot an old MIPS machine (an SGI Indy) using the Lenny default tftp-hpa configuration. I *think* the problem was that tftp-hpa was defaulting to IPv6 which confused my poor Indy. For me, using another tftp server solved the problem...

Good luck!

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