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Re: Unofficial Squeeze NetInst CDs: call for testers

On 12/14/2010 01:34 PM, Frank Fegert wrote:
> i tried the unofficial-debian-squeeze-powerpc-netinst-1-yaboot-1.3.16.iso
> on a p550 Power6+ LPAR, Microcode 01EL350_085_038, dual VIOS. The
> install fails at "Install yaboot on a hard disk" with:
>   [!!] Install yaboot on a hard disk
>   No bootstrap partition found
>   No hard disks were found which have an "Apple_Bootstrap" partition.
>   You must create an 819200-byte partition with type "Apple_Bootstrap".

To fix this error we will need install logs.

Go through the install procedure again, when you get the last screen
"Installation complete," or hit an error screen, choose <Go Back> until
'Debian installer main menu' shows up. Then select "Save debug logs"
then "web". Use a web browser on another machine to download all log
files you find there.

Lack of OpenFirmware drive aliases on IBM power machines makes it hard
to determine how to assemble correct OpenFirmware node. This problem is
already solved in patched yaboot for LPARs using SAS drives directly,
but not for virtual drives provided by VIOS. I'm trying to collect as
much information as possible to add support for virtual VIOS provided
drives to ofpath.

To collect other info continue from the point when you saved the logs as
is described at the beginning of this message, choose <continue>,
"Execute a shell" then type:

  /target/sbin/nvsetenv > /var/log/nvraminfo

you will be able to download this file from another machine when you
exit shell and choose "Save debug logs," then "web"...

How to collect other useful info for fixing ofpath is described in
message [1], but it is easier if you save the info.tar to /var/log/ and
download it from another machine.

Send all collected to milan@physics.harvard.edu and ag@debian.org as
this mailing list wont let your message go through with attachments.



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2010/10/msg00110.html

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