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Re: Report of install for a power6 with debian-squeeze-di-beta1-powerpc-netinst.iso

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Le 03/12/2010 15:45, Milan Kupcevic a écrit :
> On 12/03/2010 06:29 AM, Xavier Grave wrote:
>> ReHi,
>> First of all, thanks to all people working around yaboot and powerpc
>> port (I can't help a lot except some test on power hardware :( ).
>> That said, back to the matter :
>> I have burn the debian-squeeze-di-beta1-powerpc-netinst.iso, booted it.
>> No ehea module issue (cool :) ), install went fine until reboot :
> Go through the install procedure again, when you get the last screen
> "Installation complete" choose <Go Back>. 'Debian installer main menu'
> will show up. Then select "Save debug logs" then "web". Use web browser
> on another machine to download all log files you find there.
> It would be helpful if you <continue> and choose "Execute a shell" then
> collect the info as is described in this message [1] (we need this to
> make sure ofpath is working correctly), but save the info.tar to
> /var/log/, exit the shell, chose "Save debug logs" then "web". You will
> be able to download the info.tar file using a web browser from another
> machine.
> It would also be helpful if you copy /target/etc/yaboot.conf to
> /var/log/, download it, and send it back.

Thanks for the detailed guidelines, I'll do this first time on Monday
when I arrive at lab.

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