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Re: Yaboot


Le jeudi 02 décembre 2010 à 02:30 -0500, Milan Kupcevic a écrit :
> Benjamin, I fully appreciate your attempts to do something about this.
> You really care about the state of Debian on PowerPC. Please note that
> Grub 2 works on exactly one PowerPC machine: Pegasos. It needs the most
> the same solution that would actually fix bug 572869: a new ofpath
> written from scratch that covers all PowerPC machines.

I was under the impression that it was a bit more tested, as some people
already reported success on Apple PPC here.

> Joseph Jezak actually realized the nature of this bug and did his best
> to produce a solution, but given the resources he had, he did not
> finalize the job. His code is currently in a half baked state.

By just looking a bit at ofpathname implementation, it doesn't look like
Joseph's one is better in any sense, technically. The only advantage it
has is it's released under GPL.

> > On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 02:17:01AM +0100, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> >> Well, I didn't see any message from him here regarding this issue. I
> >> can't guess what people are doing. Seeing this ML's activity recently, I
> >> was under the impression that everyone had let yaboot down. Nice to here
> >> someone is trying to improve it, but I wonder what solution he found.
> Refresh your memory, take a look at your message [2] where you ask
> questions that are answered in the message you replied to.

OK. You seemed to be willing to collect information on every bit of PPC
machine anywhere. It just seemed impossible to me. Sorry if I didn't
clear that earlier.

> I'm working on the solution with people who answered my public and
> private calls for information and help [3][4], who understand that it
> takes more than google/copy/paste to create a fix, and who are actually
> devoting many hours of their valuable time and expertise to provide much
> needed information to actually fix the RC bug 572869.

It's nice to be willing to fix that this way, but there are two
problems: 1) to me, you'll never be exhaustive enough 2) you never
published anything anywhere about that.

> The solution is almost production ready. Fully functional install cd
> with fixes for #572869, #580455, #572925 and #603981 is created and
> already successfully tested on many different Power and PowerPC
> machines. I was just waiting for final review and assurance that the
> code will actually get into Squeeze before I send final version patches
> to the relevant bug reports.

But you never spoke about it anywhere I know until today. Which is why
other people try to fix it another way.

Milan, I'm thankful for you looking at this problem, but your lack of
communication doesn't help. This problem is in need of coordination, and
it's not by doing everything on your side that you'll help solve it. You
didn't even spoke about your solution for SATA PPC: please at least
comment on how your doing it.


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