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Re: New Yaboot in Sid

Hi Aurélien

Nice to see you back doing yaboot work! However this upload is very
unfortunate. Do you still follow debian-devel-announce and do you know
that we are currently in deep-freeze and according to the freeze
exception policy posted by the release team [1] this upload has very
little chance of being accepted into squeeze. I did not see any
consultation with the release team before your upload. Thias means
that the fixes for the RC bugs against yaboot need to go through
testing-proposed-updates and that's not they way the release team
likes things to be done...

Excerpts from Aurélien GÉRÔME's message of Mit Dez 01 22:48:28 +0100 2010:
> I just updated the Yaboot package in Sid[1] with the latest upstream
> release which works fine on my AlBook G4 with PATA disks.  The package
> does not yet contain *new* non-upstream fixes, most notably interesting
> Gentoo & Ubuntu patches relating to PowerMac SATA disks.  However,
> another upload will come in the upcoming days, probably with a patched
> yaboot-installer too.  If someone has already done some work, please
> do not hesitate to share it as patches on the BTS.  Any help on the
> matter is very welcomed.

I'm currently in the process of sponsoring an NMU from Milan Kupcevic
to fix the yaboot RC bugs. Milan can you add your patches to the BTS?

What are your plans for yaboot in squeeze? IMO this is at the moment
the most pressing issue. Milan is willing to act as a co-maintainer
for yaboot. Can you add him to the alioth project? 


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/11/msg00006.html
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