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Re: PPC-specific netatalk problems

I have also been trying to get Debian PPC, working on an old PowerMac G4, to share files with OS X Snow Leopard with limited success.  Here is a link that describes rebuilding Netatalk to include password encryption that will play nice with Bonjour.


Others have suggested going the SAMBA way although I have found that it doesn't work with Snow Leopard, probably for the same reason.


On Dec 2, 2010, at 6:04 AM, Gregory Seidman wrote:

> I'm running Debian stable (mostly) on my home server on an x86 box, and a
> nearly identical setup on my parents' home server (which I administer) on a
> Mac G4 tower. I recently built a netatalk package with OpenSSL (there are
> licensing issues, which is why I had to build it myself) on both systems,
> with identical dependencies. I also installed and configured identically
> the avahi daemon to advertise the shares. The goal is to allow my wife's
> Mac laptop to use our home server's RAID as a Time Machine backup, which
> seems to work beautifully, and to allow my father's Mac laptop to use their
> home server's RAID as a Time Machine backup, which doesn't work at all.
> I'm betting on some kind of unpleasant endianness issue with netatalk.
> There are two symptoms of the problem at my parents' house: the share isn't
> an option in the Time Machine control panel, and manually logging into the
> share fails on a bad password (even though I am using afppasswd to set the
> password explicitly and I am certain I am typing it correctly).
> Has anyone else had any luck with netatalk (supporting OpenSSL) on PPC?
> --Greg
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