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Re: Squeeze

On Don, 2010-10-28 at 12:22 -0600, Thomas Carlson wrote:
> No, not formally.  They have been issues of long standing, addressed
> in the following links:
> http://ristosu.wippiespace.com/pub/alsa-tumbler-
> http://ristosu.wippiespace.com/pub/alsa-tumbler-
> http://ristosu.wippiespace.com/pub/alsa-tumbler-
> http://ristosu.wippiespace.com/pub/alsa-driver-tumbler-patch.html
> http://routerjockey.com/2009/08/28/setting-up-apple-filing-protocol-and-bonjour-under-debian/
> They work.  My point is, could these patches be included in the
> upcoming stable release so that newbies to linux wouldn't have to go
> through all that?

If you want a problem fixed in Debian, you should make sure it's
recorded in the Debian bug tracking system. If you're not familiar with
the reportbug tool yet, now might be a good time to get started. :)

(When reporting powerpc specific bugs, it's a good idea to specify this
list when reportbug asks for other addresses to send the report to)

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