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Re: Squeeze

On 2010-10-28, Thomas Carlson <tcarlson@sharedcup.com> wrote:
> I have been periodically installing the latest "test" version of
> Squeeze on my PowerMac G4 (digital audio) hoping that when the
> finalized version is released at the end of this year I can
> recommend it as a good alternative to Mac OS X Tiger on older
> PowerPC machines.

In my opinion Debian is quickly becoming the _only_ alternative (and a
necessary one) for PowerPC Macs. For example, anyone running Tiger
(10.4) or older no longer has any software support (whether Firefox or
OpenOffice). As crazy as this may sound, the only way to have
up-to-date software on such machines is to run Debian.

This is one reason that I believe the Debian/powerpc port is so

John Ogness

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