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Re: Squeeze

On Don, 2010-10-28 at 09:52 -0600, Thomas Carlson wrote:
> I have been periodically installing the latest "test" version of
> Squeeze on my PowerMac G4 (digital audio) hoping that when the
> finalized version is released at the end of this year I can recommend
> it as a good alternative to Mac OS X Tiger on older PowerPC machines.
> I like how it has matured over the months and it's almost there.
> Too bad, though, that Alsamixer is still broke "out of the box"
> requiring a patch to run right, and that one has to rebuild Netatalk
> in order to share files with OS X Snow Leopard. Most Mac users just
> aren't going to do that and will continue to use Tiger which "just
> works" until something better comes along.
> Thanks to those who continue to work on these problems.

Any pointers to bug reports about these problems?

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