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troubles with radeon driver on PowerBook G4


 I am not too certain since which version of xserver-xorg-video-radeon
the trouble started (currently 1:6.13-2 installed in squeeze) because I
don't run the 3d games that regularly, but it seems to have been a
while, I though only now found the time to report this issue.

 When using 3d applications like with warzone2100 or neverball the
graphics display is totally unusable, even in windowed mode. There are
extremely large bit planes all over the screen making anything else

 Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any cure for it? It is definitely
a regression because it worked before, though I can't really pin it
down. Given some private time constraints I unfortunately can't dig
around too much for going through something like git bisect, but I am
confident that I'm not the only one facing this issue so having some
hints into the right direction on what additional information would be
useful from my part or what I could try would be considered extremely

 Thanks in advance for any hints,

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