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ISO For Recent Debian Squeeze

I have tried to find a recent iso for debian "squeeze" without
success.  Debian 5.0.4 works well on this G5 machine, but many of the
programs are quite dated (like a kernel with numbering 2.6.26 !).
Someone suggested I try a weekly build of squeeze ... and if it's stable
I would like to give it a go.  

At the moment, I am running Ubuntu 10.04 ... which is nice (aside from
the absence of windfarm which is easily remedied) ... but I still
prefer Debian.  I am also having all sorts of issues with installing
fldigi and flrig from source.  I never had these issues with debian ...
so I would like to return.

Any ideas??

Eraina and Richard Jenkins
Canberra,  AU
'linux on a Mac: delightful'
Skype:  richardirena

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