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Re: video problem on powerbook g4 in squeeze


drz wrote:

Ive got a problem with videos in debian powerpc (squeeze uptodate) on a powerbook g4

video card is:
VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]

If I watch video (no matter which player I use (mplayer and vlc)) I get a picture that is vertically 'distorted'. Kind of every 5 pixels (horizontically) the picture is moved 5 pixels (vertically)

Anybody got an idea how to fix that?

Is KMS enabled (Kernel Mode Setting)? It is enabled with the latest version of 2.6.32 kernel in debian testing and it causes problems both with accelerated openGL (which becomes HW decelerated openGL) and XV output (which becomes all striped around), at least with the R280 of my macMini. Check it by the list of inserted modules (lsmod) and to disable it you have to put the corresponding module in /etc/modeprob.d/blacklist

You can try anyway. For me it solve the problems but YMMV.
Stéphane Louise

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