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Re: ibm java

On May 26 2010, David Medina wrote:
> what is the link to download that?. Seriosly, i didn't find.

That's always a pain, isn't it? I keep forgetting it and navigating on
IBM's site is a nightmare.

Anyway, it is here:


I tried to use alien to convert it a debian package (sure, non-compliant
and all that stuff) so that a start of a debian packaging could be made
(yes, I am lazy and I don't know enough about java to care about
properly maintaining it).

OTOH, some programs unfortunately (still) don't work under openjdk,
which is a pity (mostly non Free software that I am required to use by

I tried converting the package from IBM with alien on an amd64, but it
bombs and I have not yet dealt with the shared libs step of it, which,
if I recall it, is the part that presented problems.

Regards, Rogério Brito.

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