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Re: Making module for WLAN stick on iBook

Hi there.

On Apr 12 2010, Sakari wrote:
> I installed 5.0.4 on an oldish iBook and was pleasantly surprised by how easy
> it was. Then I got greedy and wanted to run a WLAN stick.

That's great. I have two iBooks here (one G3 and one G4) both running
Linux smoothly and it is a very nice thing to have them useful, with a
newer operating system.

> Can anyone comment on what is needed to build a module? I think kernel
> sources are needed (at least),


> but I cannot find a package for 2.6.26-2-powerpc, which seems to be
> the version here. My very first attempt failed because the original
> 5.0.4 installation did not even include the 'make' program.

Would you be opposed to the idea of using a newer kernel? This driver is
already part of the stock (read: Linus Torvalds's) tree, in the staging
area (that is, drivers that are not yet of high quality, but which are
getting improvements).

Perhaps the newer precompiled kernels of Debian's testing or unstable
already have this module neatly maintained so that you can simply
install them an happily use your wlan stick.

> (I have not used Debian before, so I may be ignoring something completely
> obvious.)

If you want to compile your own kernels, having only build-essential is
enough (it will pull in various other packages needed for compilation of

If you want to fine tune your kernel with specific options, you can also
install libncurses-dev and run a more comfortable "make menuconfig",
select the features etc.

And, to generate a proper deb package from upstream's sources, just use
something (on the root of the kernel sources):

	make deb-pkg

Regards from a member try to catch up with the debian-powerpc list,

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