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boot will not install

I am trying to install Linux on a bootable firewire drive partitioned with for MacOS 10.5.8, two empty HFS+ partitions, and Linux. Everything installs except the boot module. The platform is a dual 1.73 GHz PowerPC G4 Quicksilver (upgraded from a dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4 - MPC-7450 -> MPC-7448). The internal hard drive contains MacOS 10.4.11 because I still need access to Classic. MacOS 10.5.8 boots fine from the Firewire drive and the fact I was able to install everything else indicates that Jenny recognizes the drive. Also, is there a way to only install the boot module since everything else is installed? The iso file is debian-503-powerpc-DVD-1.
Frank J. R. Hanstick

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