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Running Debian Lenny on PowerMac G5

I'm running Debian on my PowerMac G5 2x2.5GHz since at least four years
and I notice the same problems. I would like to know if someone else
have the same issues and if there is a fix for them at all.
They are hardware-independent - in the sense that I had two similar
machines with the same issues.

1. suspend/hibernate does not work really: I get after a while just a
locked desktop. I remember well, I read somewhere that
suspend/hibernate does not work on powerpc. Is it true? I think it
works on PowerPC Laptop, why not on Desktop?

2. Restart works ok, but shutdown does not work properly (from gnome
or from terminal). The last messages I get are:
[1990.045234] Disabling non-boot CPUs
[1990.053558] Cannot set affinity for irq 16
I must then press the power button. If I wait longer, the fans start to
be quite loud (again I had this problem also with another similar
PowerMac G5)

3. Last problem: I can watch .avi files, but doesn't matter which
player I do use, it happens that the movie stops, I can't access my
desktop anymore, but the audio is still on... I had a look on various
logs, but I did not find anything interesting
I made a post about this problem a couple of years ago on the Debian
User Forums, but I never got a reply 

I would be very grateful for any answer or suggestion!

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