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Re: Hard Crash Xserver on Powerbook (Pismo) Sid

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Stephane Louise <luigi+online@nerim.net> wrote:

Brian Morris wrote:
Hey I just did an update today at the console, and
starting up the window system after, the Xserver hangs.

I can try reconfiguring the server first (I have a very plain system here, just openbox wm with a startx manual start), and/or I can test it by ssh line in case it is just the server/ keyboard hanging.

My macmini here dies whenever I try to launch an opengl application (like glxgears, glxinfo alone is alright though). When I say it dies, its: hard freeze, cannot ping the poor thing throught network and it just stand frozen here until the hard reset.

I didn't have time to investigate, but if you have a composite desktop manager, you may want to desactivate that to see if your  Tibook survives the X start up.

Openbox I run is just a simple window manager. However I could try turning off acceleration of the server driver or even using a generic driver. These things have happened before and sometimes it was a bug and sometimes it was requiring to reconfigure the server options.

but its interesting you can't even ping in. I wonder if that could be a kernel bug, the driver problem shouldn't kill the whole OS, should it ?

however if you start the server remotely you may see error messages which otherwise are covered up and lost. I did that before too. 

just lazy now and a bit discouraged around obsolence issues in Debian in general not knowing if it is powerpc or debian or what. Anyway it has been a rather disappointing year for me with Debian and LInux with breakages over incompatibilities. Now I understand why some people keep a copy of old-stable around (which is Etch right now).


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