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Re: Booting from USB Drive

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
AFAIK it's possible from within OpenFirmware. But there are no easy
aliases to access your USB drive. This you'll have to dig into
OpenFirmware commands. Probably you will also need a HFS partition with yaboot on it on your stick because OpenFirmware can only read from HFS.

Conclusion: While I believe it's possible in theory it's certainly not
an easy thing to do. Sorry I don't have any links ready, but I remember
that Colin Watson booted his Powerbook from a USB device.

I did before but I had the wrong initrd.gz. It was configured to install from net. It worked but not what I wanted. I want to create a Live/Rescue USB pendrive.

I googled it but all of the links I found so far are for x86.  Sigh.

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