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Re: PowerPC port for the e500 core

On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 10:07:36AM +0100, Aurélien GÉRÔME wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 03:16:02PM +0100, Sebastian Andrzej Siewior wrote:
> > I have a Lenny snapshot of a new Debian architecture called gnuspe
> > located at [0]. I haven't announced it anywhere (until now). It is
> > called gnuspe because the gcc triplet is powerpc-linux-gnuspe-.
> You did well to announce it there.
> > Now, I wanted to ask if there are more people that could be interrested
> > in this port.
> I am interested in Book-E for quite some time already, but the cost of
> Freescale evalboards prohibits me from starting a Debian port. I would
> rather call it "ppce" or "powerpce" which is a bit less confusing than
> "gnuspe", WRT other architectures.

Well, in case you are interested (I would but I don't have the time)
it seems that Freescale is offering a somwhat cheaper board:


Dual core (not found the frequency) with 1 GB of RAM, still ~$600 (they 
could/should have saved on the Ethernet switch, why 6 ports ?), 
but the other one is $3500...


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