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Re: debian lenny installation on an ibook g4 keeps freezing

I had an iBook with a not-working-right fan, and I found last summer that I could prevent thermal shutdown by putting dead hard drives in the freezer, and resting the iBook on them one at a time. I had five in rotation for about a month until I felt confident enough to take the beast apart and fix the fan.

During the install, switching to another console and running

# modprobe therm_adt746x

should let you access the thermal monitors with

# cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor*_temperature


Tomislav V. Butkovic wrote:
> Hello all,
> Thank you all for the timely reply.
>>Based on my experiences the freezing
>>probably is because of overheating. If the CPU over heats, that is the
>>main cause of freezing. Do you hear the fans kick in during
>>installation or does it remain off?
> It sounds likes the fans are on. The ventilation port where the hinge is
> is not blocked, neither is the one next to the hard drive. If it is
> overheating, how would I go about fixing this?
>>To me this sounds like a faulty RAM problem. Try removing any
> additionnal RAM module and install Debian the >usual way.
> The additional RAM module is originally installed as the sticker on the
> ibook says: "800MHz/384MB/40GB/COMBO" - Should I still try taking it out?
> It sounds like, according to amit, that the unit is overheating. I am
> stumped on how to go about stopping it from overheating... I would
> assume that since the RAM module is originally installed by apple, that
> it would not be a problem. Is that a safe assumption?
> Thank You,
> tomislav
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