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Re: Internal mac Modems for Dial up

On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 02:34:25PM +1000, Irena & Richard Jenkins wrote:
> I have an old G4 machine ... on which I  want to place Debian Lenny.  My 
> difficulty is with internet connection.  I have only standard dial up access 
> from my holiday home and I would like to use the internal modem.

There are some implementations of software modems for Linux; you can
find them on <http://linmodems.org/>. I am uncertain as to whether these
are packaged for Debian.

However, in my experience (of also quite a few years ago), these sources
were mainly focused on Intel machines, so it won't really work on
powerpc. That might've changed, though.

> At one time I did try this and it came to nothing.  Has there been any 
> progress with this ... basically the apple internal (software) modem seem 
> invisible to linux.
> Alternatively, I still have an old 28.8/33.6k external modem ... and a usb to 
> serial adaptor.  Brand is Targus ... and it's certainly 'seen' by the linux.  
> It can be seen as something like /dev/ttyUSB0 ... or something like that.  Is 
> this a better way to go?

Yes, most likely. The USB serial adapter is probably a pl2303, which is
perfectly well supported by Linux. Using it should be straightforward.

Alternatively, if your holiday home isn't too far away from
civilization, know that with a cell phone that has bluetooth, it's
fairly easy to dial in through GPRS, too:

OK	AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","gprs.base.be"
OK	ATDT*99***1#

the first tells the cell phone to where it can find the APN, while the
second starts the GPRS connection.

Dunno whether you are interested in this, but I thought I'd just pass it

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