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Internal mac Modems for Dial up

I have an old G4 machine ... on which I  want to place Debian Lenny.  My 
difficulty is with internet connection.  I have only standard dial up access 
from my holiday home and I would like to use the internal modem.

At one time I did try this and it came to nothing.  Has there been any 
progress with this ... basically the apple internal (software) modem seem 
invisible to linux.

Alternatively, I still have an old 28.8/33.6k external modem ... and a usb to 
serial adaptor.  Brand is Targus ... and it's certainly 'seen' by the linux.  
It can be seen as something like /dev/ttyUSB0 ... or something like that.  Is 
this a better way to go?

Anyone made any progress with this??


Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra   AU

Linux on a Mac ... delightful!

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