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Re: Want to install lenny on older Powerbook G4 mac

Am Samstag 16 Mai 2009 18:11:11 schrieb Mark Hoff:

> More Background:
> a) The mac software works just fine (just no internet access due to above).
> b) I do have internet access to the wireless router from two other
> machines: - Windows Vista notebook PC (but no Administrator access on this
> computer) - Windows 7 notebook PC (full access to this computer)

I dont really understand, but maybe this helps
If you have access to the Windows notebook PC AND this notebook does have 
internet access, then you could enable internet connection sharing on that 
windows 7 notebook and connect via cable (crossed network cable?) from the 
powerbook to the windows 7 notebook.
If Windows 7 doesnt allow this try knoppix (maybe in a virtual machine) 
:) what a workaround

Then you would get an internet connection to the powerbook and use the network 
install cd.



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