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Re: xorg.conf powerbook g4 kde 4.2.2


Le dimanche 10 mai 2009 05:02:17 Amit Uttamchandani, vous avez écrit :
> On Sun, 10 May 2009 02:00:56 +0200
> drz <drz@rizzux.org> wrote:
> > I also have a problem with the colours in kde. Some blue colours like the
> > default K-Menu-symbol is some kind of orange :)
> I had that same issue too...not sure why that is. I don't use KDE
> anymore though.

This is due to a problem with the Qt4 libraries (see bug 487884). However, the 
bug has been fixed upstream and a fix will be released in 4.5.2. It is true 
that this problem is very annoying, and I am very looking forward to seeing 
this bug closed...



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