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Re: Lenny KDE newbie with Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac.

Okay, here is the output that I received. It seems like camstream
froze. Using Cheese with Ubuntu 8.04 and accessing the webcam freezes
the entire system. Here is the output from camstream on Debian Lenny:

$ camstream
W: CamStream version 0.27 starting.
>> void CCamStreamApp::ReadConfigFile()
  W: Failed to open configuration file
'/home/user/.camstream/config.xml' for reading.
  D: creating <defaults> node
  D: creating <videodevices> node
  D: creating <audiodevices> node
<< void CCamStreamApp::ReadConfigFile()
D: CVideoCollector::VideoCollector()
D: >> CVideoDevice::CVideoDevice()
D: << CVideoDevice::CVideoDevice()
D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::CVideoDeviceLinux(/dev/video0)
W: CVideoDeviceInput: Warning: no channel info available.
D: << CVideoDeviceLinux::CVideoDeviceLinux()
>> CCamWindow::CCamWindow(QWidget*, const char*)
<< CCamWindow::CCamWindow(QWidget*, const char*)
>> CWebCamViewer::CWebCamViewer(CVideoDevice*, QWidget*, const char*)
  >> QDomNode CCamStreamApp::FindVideoDeviceConfig(const QString&,
const QString&, bool)
    Trying to find video options for UVC Camera (046d:09a6)@/dev/video0
    D: Creating new node for UVC Camera (046d:09a6)@/dev/video0
  << QDomNode CCamStreamApp::FindVideoDeviceConfig(const QString&,
const QString&, bool)
  >> CVideoOptions::CVideoOptions()
    >> virtual void CVideoOptions::DeclareVariables()
    << virtual void CVideoOptions::DeclareVariables()
  << CVideoOptions::CVideoOptions()
  D: CSnapshotSettingsDlg::CSnapshotSettingsDlg(...)
  W: QFont::setWeight: Value out of range (100)
  D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::Init()
  W: Cannot query audio capabilities of video device.
  D: Allocating own buffer.
  D: Initial image size = (176, 144)
  W: Failed to restore video controls.
  D: CVideoDeviceInput::Select() failed.
  D: << CVideoDeviceLinux::Init()
  D: CVideoSettingsDlg::SizeChanged(176x144)
  D: CVideoSettingsDlg::FramerateChanged(10)
  D: No Philips webcam detected, removing extension tab
  D: CCamPanel::SetSize(176x144)
  D: CCamPanel::SetImageSize(176x144)
  D: CCamPanel::SetVisibleSize(176x144)
  D: CCamPanel::SetSize(176x144)
  D: CCamPanel::SetImageSize(176x144)
  D: CCamPanel::SetVisibleSize(176x144)
  >> void CWebCamViewer::RecalcTotalViewSize()
  << void CWebCamViewer::RecalcTotalViewSize()
<< CWebCamViewer::CWebCamViewer(CVideoDevice*, QWidget*, const char*)
D: >> CVideoDevice::IncrementPalette(0)
D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::StartCapture()
D: CVideoDeviceLinux::SetPalette picked palette 8 [yuyv]
D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::CreateImagesRGB()
D: << CVideoDeviceLinux::CreateImagesRGB()
D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::run()...
D: << CVideoDeviceLinux::StartCapture()
D: << CVideoDevice::IncrementPalette()
>> void CWebCamViewer::ClickedVideoConfig()
<< void CWebCamViewer::ClickedVideoConfig()
D: >> CVideoDevice::DecrementPalette(0)
D: >> CVideoDeviceLinux::StopCapture()
D: Waiting for capture thread to stop...

On 5/2/09, Amit Uttamchandani <amit.uttam@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2 May 2009 19:03:50 +0200
> Brian Durant <globetrotterdk@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Is there a KDE alternative to Cheese? I want to avoid installing 36
>> GNOME packages on my system. Kopette can be used with Gtalk, but Gtalk
>> video isn't supported on PPC.
> Not that I know of but if you want to check if video works try out the
> following apps:
>  1. camstream
>  2. qcam (this one is quite old, not sure if it will work)
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