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Re: ppc64 port


>> The only problem
>> I had was trying to run IBM 64 bit SDK3.0 for CELL (from Barcelona's
>> Supercomputing Center) on 32 bit Debian.
> There ain't much of 64-bit external depends in IBM SDK, since it
> brings in most of the stuff. Off the top of my head I remember only
> libnuma  (besides 64-bit glibc, of course, which is available). Thus,
> it should not be too much of a problem to provide 64-bit versions of
> those external depends as powerpc.deb packages.

I do not have my cell test environment set it up, but I will do. So,
please provide those files, I am willing to test. I did not tried very
hard because I had to run FC8 on cell, so i was just testing Debian.

> Speaking of myself, I see no need in such a port. It brings no
> significant benefits in exchange of a good deal of space.



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