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3 Iraqi Ministers to Speak at the 3rd Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit This April

Washington, DC - March 19, 2009 -- IADS officials confirmed 
today that Shirwan Al-Waili, Minister of State for National 
Security,  Akram Hakim, Minister  of State for National 
Dialogue and Burhan Sofi, KRG Minister of Transport to speak
at the 3rd IADS to be held April 1-2 at the Ritz-Carlton 
Hotel in McLean, VA just outside Washington, DC area.

In addition to featuring speakers from Iraqi Air Force, 
Iraqi Army, Iraqi Navy and Security Forces, the 3rd Iraq 
Aviation & Defense Summit will also be featuring addresses 
from key experts who have served as advisors in the 
Multi-National Security Transition Command (MNSTC-I), 
and who were responsible for developing, organizing, 
training, equipping, and sustaining the Iraqi Security 
Ministries namely the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry 
of Interior and their associated Iraqi Security Forces (ISF),
i.e. the military of Iraq and the Iraqi Police.  

New IADS confirmed speakers include: 

*   Anwer Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force Commander.

*   Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, Commanding General for 
    Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq and NATO-Iraq.

IADS confirmed speakers include: 

*    Saad Al Muttalibi, Political Advisor, National Security 

*    Lt. Gen. Taleb Al-Kenani, Director General, Iraq Counter 
      Terrorism Bureau 

*    Lt. Gen. Abdullah Khames, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, 
      Iraqi Joint HQ

*    Col. Timothy Strawther, Director,19th Air Force 
      Operations, Iraq

*    Major General Jamal Baker, Commanding General, 
      Kirkuk Provincial HQ

*    Abdulameer Alsaad, Airport Director, Basrah International 

*    General Farook Al Arajy, Director-Office of the 
      Commander-in-Chief, Security Adviser to the Prime Minister

*    Brigadier General Shahab Ali, Commander, Iraqi Air Bases, 
      Security Surveillances

The 3rd annual IADS 2009 will welcome tens of experts and 
cover a wide range of subjects. Agenda topics include giving 
first-hand insight on the following important organizations:

*  Coalition Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT), 
    which organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Army.

*  Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT), 
    which organizes, trains, and equips the Iraqi Police.

*  Coalition Army Advisory Training Team (CAATT) responsible 
    for building the Iraqi Army.

*  Coalition Air Force Transition Team (CAFTT) responsible 
    for building the Iraqi Air Force.

*  Maritime Strategic Transition Team (MaSTT) responsible 
    for supporting the Iraqi Navy,   Marines and Coast Guard.

*  Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT) building 
    the various Iraqi police agencies.

*  Intelligence Transition Team (ITT) responsible for building 
    the military and police information organizations.

*  Iraqi National Counter-Terrorism Task Force (INCTF) 
    assisting Iraqi major operations.  

*  Security Assistance Office (SAO) assisting in the 
    acquisition of equipment and overseas training.

*  Joint Headquarters Assistance Team (JHQ-AT) responsible 
    for advising the Iraqi Joint Headquarters.

*  Ministry of Defense Transition Team (MOD-TT) responsible 
    for advising the MOD staff.

*  Ministry of Interior Transition Team (MOI-TT) responsible
    for advising the MOI staff. 

With hundreds of companies expected to attend the two-day 
event, expanded agenda will cover a range of topics related 
to the Iraqi aviation, security and defense challenges. 
Event organizers hopes that this will give greater context to 
other parts of the conference program which will focus on 
security issues, contracting and subcontracting opportunities, 
funding, project management, international cooperation, 
and cultural training.  

One-to-One Meetings

Scheduled one-to-one meetings with Iraqi officials and panel 
presentations will provide you insights and analysis of the 
current challenges facing Iraq Aviation, Security and Defense.
Scheduled meetings are on First-come, first-served basis.

About IADS

The Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit and Expo (IADS), now on 
its third year, is the world's largest and most respected event 
focused on Iraq's aviation, security and defense challenges 
and opportunities. IADS is the only event where you hear from 
those who are responsible for shaping the future of aviation, 
security and military requirements in Iraq. For three 
consecutive years, IADS has featured Iraqi ranking military 
officers, policy makers and government decision makers.

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