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Kooka Broken in Lenny?

Tried Kooka on my desktop this afternoon ... but it could not find my scanner.  
(Canoscan N650U).   Tried installing xsane then ... and it too complained 
about my missing scanner.  Tried a new cable with no effect.

Took the scanner across to my old laptop running 'puppylinux' (a 100 Meg linux 
for older machines of the x86 variety).  On this machine the same scanner and 
cable worked faultlessly!  

Is it a permissions problem?  That was a suggestion from xsane ... and 
puppylinux runs as 'root' so avoiding all these issues.  Of course I would 
never recommend running as 'root' ... 

Anyone beat this problem with Lenny??
Linux on a Mac... delightful
Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra,  AU

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