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Re: broadcom 4306 rev 3 ndiswrapper

stephen sefick a écrit :
I have side by side my laptop (ibook G4 Debian GNU/Linux) and desktop
(mac mini mac os x 10.5.6).   I have found ethtools in debian and the
connection speed is only 10Mb/s in the mac network utility the link
speed is set at 54Mb/s.  So what gives you said that 54Mb/s was
allowed and side by side I am only getting 10Mb/s on my linux box.

I don't know ethtools, but I don't think it is appropriate for wifi connections : there is no such thing as 10Mb/s 802.11 (wifi). I think that you are mesuring the speed of your wired connection ; recheck on what interface exactly you're running your tool.

If you want to know the speed of you wifi connection, use 'iwconfig wlan0' as root. The 'Bit Rate' property should tell you at what speed you're connected.


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