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RAID Controller to enable SATA HDD Hard Drive

Hi folks,

I've established a small web hosting service, and have acquired four G4's that run great. Unfortunately, the old hard drives in my Macs just aren't cutting it, and EIDE hard drives are getting more and more expensive.

I've installed a Silicone Imaged based RAID controller with one Maxtor 250 gig SATA hard drive and no other drives. Installation of Etch ran smoothly, the hard drive was identified, configured, and the base system & packages installed fine, but until the yaboot installation/configuration failed.

Clearly, I need to configure yaboot but I'm having trouble finding resources to point me in the right direction. I'm neither a RAID nor a Linux guru, but if anyone can offer some examples or suggestions, I won't need to be spoon fed either ;) If absolutely necessary, I'm even willing to configure the initial kernal loading to run from either a floppy or a CD, but that sounds a bit extreme for what should be a simple problem.



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